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PU Flex Timing Belts

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PU timing belts are manufartured in thermoset polyurethane by a unique moulding process. The high-grade polyurethane gives superior wear and abrasion resistance
Several type of cords, helicoidally rolled up inside the belts, assure excellent dimensional stability and offer high performances in terms of flexibility and traction resistance.

Product Description

PU Flex Timing Belts

PU Flex Timing Belts are manufactured in thermoplastic polyurethane, with continuous spiral steel cords. This Type of belt is developed for good running characteristics and high traction loads. They are especially suited for power transmission and conveying with high loads and high speeds(up to 10,000RPM) The addition of a nylon coating on the teeth during production enhances the running properties for specific applications and reduces the noise frictional coefficient. An extra thickness of special coating is also possible on the back of the belt offering extra protection against aggressive or heavy products. 



 - Low noise, High flexibility, Low pre-tension.    

 - Low maintenance, High abrasion resistance,    

 - linear speeds up to 80M/sec, consistent dimensional stability.     

 - working temperature range -30°C to + 80°C (up to+H0°Cfor short period)     

 - Anti-Ageing, Hydrolysis, UVA, Ozone High resistance to oil, fat and grease good resistance to most acids and alkalis   

Color: Transparent, Pink, Grey, Coffee    

Cords: Steel, Kevlar, Nylon    

Coating: PU timing belts can be manufactured with special coatings, in order to fit many applications with different requirements, such as red rubber, Linatex, APL, PU. etc.    

• All types can be coated PAZ/PAR (Green/Black fabric on tooth side or back side)    

• All types can be coated with Extra-Backing, like Supergrip, Linatex, APL etc.    

Table 1

ProfileProduction Range(mm)
T10 T201900-16000
AT5 T5 5M S5M RPP5M TK5(K6)2000-10000
AT10 AT15 AT201900-16000
ATK10 TK10 (K6 K13)1900-16000
HTD  8M 14M1900-16000
20M XXH2100-16000
STD  8M 14M1900-16000
RPP  8M 14M1900-16000
L H XH1900-16000
DT5 DT101900-16000
DAT5 DAT101900-16000
HTD D5M D8M1900-16000
DL DH1900-16000

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