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The prices of rubber, steel, plastics and other raw materials have risen and risen

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"The increase in rubber products prices is directly due to the increase in the price of the main raw material rubber. In September last year, the price of rubber was more than 8,000

 yuan per ton, and now it is more than 16,000 yuan, which has doubled." Manager Mou, who has been engaged in tire distribution for nearly 20 years, said that roughly

 there are There are several reasons. One is Southeast Asia, the main producer of rubber raw materials, due to the epidemic, coupled with the impact of heavy rains and

 floods in the second half of last year, and rubber production has dropped significantly. Among them, only the main rubber production area in southern Thailand, the

 impact of the floods in December last year will continue until March this year. Rubber production will be reduced by about 80,000 tons, and the total loss of farmers'

 income will reach 4.075 billion baht (approximately 877 million yuan); 2. It is the recent escalation of epidemic prevention and control measures in major rubber producing 

areas in Southeast Asia such as Thailand and Malaysia, and the shortage of shipping vessels and soaring freight rates; third, the epidemic in Europe and the United States 

has caused insufficient tire production capacity, and there is also a shortage of capacity and freight rates;Fourth, the main tire production areas such as Luyusu and other

 domestic tire production areas have reduced production due to stricter environmental protection measures. These series of reasons have forced rubber products prices to rise.

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