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Take you to understand the V belt

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The development history of the V belt

1. In 1917, John Gates invented the world's first V-belt, and invented a V-shaped rubber belt with cotton rope as the skeleton and fabric reinforced, making Gates 

the world's largest manufacturer of V-belts. enterprise.

2. In 1996, Gates Rubber Company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of TOMKINS PLC, making it the world's largest non-tire rubber parts manufacturer.

3. Until October 2010, the birth of a new type of skeleton material of new polyester tempered brown wire in China changed the century-old history of the V 

belt. The polyester tempered brown wire was used as a skeleton material with a solid core structure in the field of triangle belts. Without changing the factors such as

 rubber and cloth, the life of the belt body is increased by 5-10 times, and it is an alternative to the traditional V-belt.

Installation steps of V-belt:

When the V-belt is installed, if the center distance between the two shafts can be adjusted, the center distance between the two V-belts should be shortened first.

 After the V-belt is installed, follow the original The design requires adjusting the center distance.

If the center distance between the axles of the two V-belts cannot be adjusted, you need to put a V-belt into the groove first, and then turn the other V-belt to install 

the V-belt. . Then use the same method to install the other set of V-belts.

When installing, you must pay attention to prohibiting the use of tools to pry or pull the V-belt to prevent the V-belt from being too long or too loose or too tight.

The difference between ordinary V-belt and narrow V-belt:

1. For ordinary belts with low surface transmission, the maximum linear speed cannot exceed 30M/S, and the maximum transmission ratio can only reach 10:1;

2. The cross-sectional area is different, and the power driven is also different. The power driven by the narrow V-belt is greater than that of the ordinary belt.

3. The surface area of the narrow V-belt is larger and the heat dissipation effect is better.

4. When the narrow V-belt is in contact with the pulley, the deformation of the section is smaller, and the contact between the edge of the belt and the pulley groove is better.

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