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Raw materials price risen and risen

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Since the second half of 2020 year, affected by factors such as capacity reduction and tight international relations, the price of raw materials has soared. 

After the holiday, the "price hike" surged again, even more than 50%, and even the wages of workers have been "rising." "...

        The pressure from the upstream "price increase" is transmitted to downstream industries such as shoes and apparel, home appliances, home furnishings,

 tires, and panels, and has varying degrees of impact.

        Home appliance industry: There is a huge demand for bulk raw materials such as copper, aluminum, steel, plastics, etc. At the peak of year-end shipments,

 sales promotion and price increases "fly together."

        Leather industry: Prices of raw materials such as EVA and rubber have soared across the board, and prices of PU leather and microfiber raw materials are 

also about to move.

        Textile industry: The quotations of raw materials such as cotton, cotton yarn, and polyester staple fiber have risen sharply, and the prices are as if they are 

sitting on a vertical ladder.

        The textile industry is closely related to foreign trade, and the entire foreign trade circle is full of price increase notices. An import and export company in

 Zhejiang believes that the pressure of rising prices of cotton, cotton yarn, polyester-cotton yarn, etc. is likely to be shared by cloth factories, clothing 

companies (or foreign trade companies), purchasers (including foreign brand companies, retailers) and other parties. The substantial price increase in a 

certain link alone cannot be solved, and all parties in the terminal need to make concessions.

        In addition, notices of price increases of various types of base paper and paperboard have been swarming, covering the wide area, the number of companies, 

and the magnitude of the increase, which exceeded many people's expectations.

        As time goes by, this round of price increases has passed from the paper and cardboard links to the carton link, and some carton factories have a single 

increase of as much as 25%. At that time, even the packaged cartons may have to go up in price.

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