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How to choice pattern conveyor belts

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There are many types of pattern conveyor belts. Common types include grass pattern conveyor belts, herringbone pattern conveyor belts, 

herringbone pattern conveyor belts, diamond pattern conveyor belts, cross pattern conveyor belts, zigzag pattern conveyor belts, Diamond 

check pattern conveyor belt, washboard pattern conveyor belt, inverted triangle pattern conveyor belt, strip pattern conveyor belt, etc.


The pattern conveyor belt is composed of pattern and belt body. Because the materials to be conveyed are different, the inclination angle 

of conveying is different, the pattern height and pattern shape used are also different. Funite has sorted out the following common pattern

 conveyor belt types:

Grass pattern conveyor belt:

Grass-shaped pattern conveyor belts are also called climbing belts and grass belts. There are grass-shaped patterns on the belt body that 

are higher than the belt body or recessed in the belt body. Under special circumstances, the pattern will be designed into a prismatic or 

square shape. The pattern type higher than the belt body is used for flexible packaging materials; the pattern type sunken in the belt body 

is used for material transportation with an inclination angle of ≤45°.


Herringbone pattern conveyor belt:

The chevron pattern above the belt body of the chevron pattern conveyor belt can be divided into three types: high pattern, medium pattern, 

and low pattern. It is used for conveying granular materials with an inclination angle of ≤40°, and it can also be used for conveying granular 

materials with an inclination angle of ≤40°. Conveying of bag-like materials.

Strip pattern conveyor belt:

The characteristic of the strip pattern conveyor belt is that there are strip patterns on the surface of the belt body. The patterns are also divided

 into three types: high, medium and low. The spacing of the patterns is designed according to the requirements of sparse and dense. The use of 

this type of conveyor belt can carry materials at an inclination angle of ≤30° Conveying, if the design process has a groove condition, it can replace 

the herringbone pattern conveyor belt.


Particle pattern conveyor belt:

The belt body of the grain pattern conveyor belt has a grain pattern that is higher than the belt body or recessed in the belt body. The pattern 

form can be designed as a square hole or a cloth pattern. The pattern of the body can be applied to conveying granular materials with an

 inclination angle of ≤45°.

Fan-shaped pattern conveyor belt:

The surface of the fan-shaped pattern conveyor belt has a half-fan-shaped pattern. The pattern shape is mostly a 1/4 circular pattern or a

 grooved fan-shaped pattern. It is used for conveying particles and blocks with a large inclination angle of ≤60°.


The above is the relevant information of the pattern conveyor belt sorted by PIONWAY. The pattern conveyor belt has a wide range of 

transportation. Its features such as small use area, no transfer point, low maintenance cost, and large transportation volume are favored by

 users. It is widely used in coal mines, Material transportation in power, metallurgy, chemical and other industries.

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